Saturday August 10th 2024 - 9am to 2pm

Find Out All About the Hillwide Garage Sale

Time to sort through the kids’ toys, clean out those closets and kitchen cupboards and organize the garage so that you can finally get the car in there.

Set out your wares, pull up a chair and make a day of greeting your neighbors and treasure hunters as we have our annual, neighborhood-wide flea market!

Read on for How this Hillwide thing works…

For Garage Owners

Everyone who registers their garage will get their listing details posted here on the Hillwide website as well as a listing on our fabulously curated Google map. All you have to do is follow our specially patented 2-step process!

STEP 1 Register your Address

Register your address and list your hottest items for sale on our fabulous Hillwide Map by donating to the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center.

Choose your donation level from:

STEP 2 Promote your sale!

We’ve made it easy for you:

  • CLICK HERE to download the official poster – then print and display in your window, on a noticeboard at work or wherever you think people will see.
  • CLICK HERE to download images galore for posting on your socials to get the word out to your family, friends, neighbors or even complete strangers!
  • Share your own garage sale pics on your favorite Social Media channels using the hash tag #hillwide2024

If you donate at the Distinguished Bernal Heights Ambassador Level, Bernal Mountain Lion Sponsor Level or Teeny Tiny Fire Truck Contributor Level you’ll be able to send us a picture of your garage sale goodies that will be posted on the Hillwide website along with your description of your goodies for even more fabulous exposure in the run up to August 10th!

IMPORTANT: Registrations are open until 9 pm on Friday, August 9th.

For Treasure Hunters

We have two ways that you can search the site to find exactly what you are looking for – you’ll be able to search for specific things or by broader category. For example:

  • if you are looking for that elusive cabbage patch doll, type cabbage patch doll in the general search box at the top of the Garage Listings page
  • or if you are on the hunt for some gently used furniture or kids stuff then use the category links immediately below the search box—just click on the category you want to explore

In both cases you’ll be presented with a listing of all the garages who either have your search term in their description, or garages which match the category you selected.

You can of course just keep scrolling to get a view of ALL the garages registered for the Hillwide.

Don’t forget to share the love! #hillwide2024

Rules of the Road

  1. One registration per street address please. We can only handle one payment per address. You can definitely double-up with friends and family so you can spread the cost if you need to or maybe up your donation to give a little more to the Neighborhood Center.
  2. Please do not set up around the library.
  3. Obtain the owner’s permission before setting up on someone else’s property.
  4. Keep sidewalks clear for foot traffic accessibility.
  5. Be safe.  Keep pets inside and doors and windows locked.
  6. Stay hydrated. It can get HOT out there!
  7. Clean up after yourself.

Don’t forget to spread the word! #hillwide2024

When you make a donation, it not only puts YOU on the Hillwide map along with a listing on the site AND your name on our Official Wall of Fame, your support directly helps the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center to:

  • Develop affordable housing throughout San Francisco.
  • Provide linguistically and culturally responsive services to community seniors, youth and families.
  • Organize and empower tenants, clients and members as community advocates.

So are you ready?

If you’ve read this far there is only ONE thing left to do. Go ahead and join the fun either as a Garage Owner or Treasure Hunter by clicking on one of those boxes below.

Thank you!
The Hillwide Elves