Saturday August 10th 2024 - 9am to 2pm

Hillwide Survey

Thanks for taking our survey about the Hillwide Garage Sale.

We are looking for your feedback if you fit into any of the following categories:

  • you are a Garage Owner in Bernal who has previously been a part of the Hillwide
  • you are a Garage Owner in Bernal who would like to be a part of the next Hillwide
  • you are someone who comes looking for things to buy at the biggest garage sale in the City!

First of all, we’d like to hear if you have any big ideas for us about the Hillwide—something that we don’t already do that you think could make a huge difference to our success. It could be a way for us to get MORE garage listings (which of course means more $s raised for the BHNC), MORE publicity for the event, MORE people heading to Bernal to enjoy themselves & find some treasures on the Hill OR something we haven’t even thought of yet.

No idea is too big or crazy for us to consider.

We’d also like to hear your thoughts on what we already do and how we might improve. This time we are looking for the small stuff. Simple things that could make your Hillwide life easier or that thing we do that drives you nuts drives you nuts. Everything is up for grabs!

And then finally if you’d like to hear back from us about our idea gathering you can add your email address. Or not. Up to you.

How long it takes to complete the survey really depends on how much you want to tell us.

We’re looking forward to reading each and every one of your responses.

Thanks for helping out
–The Hillwide Elves

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Garage Owner or Treasure Seeker?*
Do you register your Garage Sale with the Hillwide or do you come looking for things to buy from Hillwide garages?
What's the one thing you think that could make the Hillwide Garage Sale even more successful than it already is. Your biggest and best idea is what we are after here - Blue Sky Thinking - nothing is too outrageous. Out of the box without being out of the neighborhood!
What specific things could we improve about the Hillwide Garage Sale as we currently run it right now? Nothing is too small - we want all of the nit-picky little things that drive you even just a small bit crazy 🙂
If you'd like us to get in touch about your feedback then you can enter your email address here.